I realized that I loved photography in the Summer of 2001, during a month-long road trip through the Western U.S. right before high school with my parents. My father sat me down and taught me the basics of how to use his old Olympus SLR and let me have at it. I didn’t know if I would stick with it, but I enrolled in a beginner’s photography class my freshman year of high school and was taking four photography/visual media courses by senior year, never looking back.

While earning my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media and Film at Towson University, I worked for several years under photographer Peter Krogh learning the ins and outs of digital restoration and digital asset management. Check out The DAM Book and Peter's work here.


I've spent the past several years working in the video industry in Washington D.C. which has rewarded me with some incredible experiences, from working the Nationals' first postseason appearance to working for clients like the TSA, DEA, and America’s Most Wanted. 

Now I'm beginning a new chapter where I plan on taking the next step with my photography. I've created this website as an outlet to share my passion with anyone who might care to pause and take a moment. 

I hope you enjoy as I push myself to explore and try different techniques and new subject matters.

Mike Chirieleison